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🚩 Are you tired of falling for the same old traps on first dates?

🚩 Worried about wasting time on Mr. Wrong?

🚩 Want to avoid heartbreak before it even begins?

Unlock the Secrets to Successful Dating! Download your 'Date Like a Boss' Pamphlet 
written by Clinical Psychology & Dating Expert, Dr. Troy Byer 

"I love working with Dr. Troy because she knows exactly what she's talking about!" 

Steve Harvey, New York Times Bestseller
DrTroy Date Like. ABoss
"Here's the real deal: how a man shows up on that first date is often a sneak peek into his true character. It's like a crystal ball giving us a glimpse into our potential future together. So, when those red flags wave, it's not just a blip on the radar – it's a neon sign flashing warning signals."   Dr. Troy

Unlock the Secrets of Successful Dating. Dr. Troy presents a compelling exploration of the subtle yet crucial red flags that often go unnoticed on first dates. Drawing from her expertise in clinical psychology, this quick-read, pamphlet offers valuable insights and practical advice for individuals seeking meaningful connections and lasting relationships. Dr. Troy illuminates nine warning signs that can spell trouble in budding relationships.  

Spot the Red Flags: From lack of initiative to inconsistent communication patterns, each chapter delves into the psychological insights behind these behaviors.  Dr. Troy empowers readers to recognize and address these red flags head-on, offering invaluable guidance for navigating the complexities of modern dating.

Prevent Heartbreak: By arming readers with the tools to identify red flags early on, "Date Like A Boss" serves as a roadmap to avoiding heartbreak and disappointment in relationships. Dr. Troy's compassionate approach reminds us that recognizing these warning signs is not about passing judgment but about protecting our emotional well-being and fostering healthier connections.

Empowerment Through Awareness: Whether you're embarking on a new romance or navigating the challenges of an existing relationship, "Date Like A Boss" offers essential insights for fostering stronger, more fulfilling connections. Dr. Troy's practical wisdom and advice empower readers to approach dating with confidence, resilience, and self-assurance.

Find Your Happily Ever After: Don't let red flags derail your quest for love. With "Date Like A Boss" as your guide, you'll gain the clarity and confidence to build lasting, meaningful relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. Take the first step towards your happily ever after today!

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