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"The day we start seeing our past struggles as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks, that's when we level up from merely surviving to totally owning life and thriving!"                                                                                         - Dr. Troy


Dr. Troy Byer, a distinguished and best-selling author, is not only a certified industrial-organizational expert with a rich academic background but also a transformative force in mental fitness and emotional well-being. Holding a Bachelor's degree in clinical psychology, a Master's degree in eco, liberation, and community psychology, and a doctorate in clinical psychology, Dr. Troy blends her profound academic expertise seamlessly with her real-world impact.

Renowned for coaching and leading transformative workshops globally, Dr. Troy has left an indelible mark as a seminar leader for one of the world's largest organizations, specializing in personal and professional growth. Her impactful books, "Ex-Free: 9 Keys To Happiness After Heartbreak" and "How To Be A Powerfully Responsible Bitch," have soared to the top of Amazon's best-seller list, showcasing her ability to connect with a broad audience seeking personal development. Dr. Troy is also the author of the recently released eBook,  "Date Like A Boss: 9 First Date Red Flags." 

Beyond the written word, Dr. Troy's commitment extends to practical and impactful initiatives. She actively works with convicted women in her anger management program, demonstrating her dedication to rehabilitation and emotional well-being. Additionally, as a certified HeartMath trainer, Dr. Troy conducts life-altering workshops, leveraging her expertise to guide individuals towards emotional resilience and inner peace.

In parallel with her significant contributions to mental fitness, Dr. Troy has rekindled her passion for the entertainment industry. Now serving as a script psychologist, she plays a crucial role in developing stageplays for regional and Broadway theatrical productions. Dr. Troy's diverse career reflects a harmonious blend of academic prowess, literary success, and a commitment to making a positive impact on individuals' lives, whether through coaching, writing, expanding Elevation 180 or her innovative Mindology Fitness program. Mindology Fitness is the epitome of Dr. Troy's dedication to nurturing the minds, bodies, and spirits of students and adults. This dynamic program, designed to be both fun and effective, offers an accessible approach to cultivating mental resilience, emotional intelligence, and inner peace. Driven by a fervent desire to empower individuals to not only survive but thrive, Dr. Troy aims to instill the tools necessary to ensure that our peace of mind is in our hands at all times. 

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