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Mindology Empowerment Academy offers a 5-week rotating and in person or remote emotional wellness program tailored for schools and institutions. Our curriculum utilizes mindfulness, science-based methods, visual arts, and music therapy to address emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, depression, and abandonment. Led by Dr. Troy and our Mind Champs mentors, participants receive personalized support to heal from emotional challenges, enhancing their well-being and academic performance.

"Now that we know Mindology works, the goal is for us to get more of it."

                                                                    Joan Duvernay, Principal David N. Dinkens School PS48Q





MINDOLOGY FITNESS CLASS: This science based, five-minute, mental fitness class includes dancing, frequency music, QiGong, problem resolution, meditation, grief release and, brain activation. 


MY STORY, MY ART (PT1): After Session 1, participants take a photo representing their feelings about a past life event and the undesirable emotion they are focusing on for the week.


MY STORY, MY ART (PT2): Before Session 3, participants take a photo representing their current feelings and any emotional shifts from the week's work.


CREATIVE WRITING: Using the journal in their workbooks, participants write a letter from their future selves, offering comfort, advice, and encouragement to their younger selves.


GROUP SESSIONS:  After completing the (1) required Mindology Fitness class each week, participants then join a 40-minute group discussion with their Mind Champ and peers, reflecting on their experiences and creating new possibilities at the level of community.

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